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June 17 2007

Hi, and welcome to the Reversi project!

Over the coming months we intend to actively release builds of the first version of Reversi - a tool that generates LINQ expressions in both C# and VB.NET from T-SQL code.

Reversi is much more than high level language translator though, we intend to expose the core components of Reversi so that you can extend Reversi to cope with various other high level language translations - a good example of this would be supporting another variation of SQL, or maybe you know of another language that could be transformed into LINQ expressions? A prime candidate would be the C# 2.0 language itself, taking some anonymous methods as input and generating their corresponding lambda expression form. The core components of Reversi will allow you to do that.

In the coming days the scenarios that Reversi will support will be up on the Scenarios page.

Over the next month there is a good chance that a prototype will be released. The prototype will be totally seperate from the v1.0 release and will be created to attain metrics, and get an idea of some benchmarks that are feasible for the v1.0 release. More will be posted on this is the coming weeks.

Thank you for your interest in the Reversi project.

Reversi team.

p.s. There are work items for v1.0 on the Issue Tracker page, these may be due to change in the future before work on the main code branch begins - more items may be added also.

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