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  • Introduction
  • Core Components


As depicted in Figure 1 Reversi takes some T-SQL input and generates the equivalent (if possible) LINQ expression as it's output.

Figure 1: A 5000 ft view of the Reversi


There are some things that the tool will not be able to do, some features in SQL Server 2005 do not map to any LINQ equivalent. The tool will take this into account and produce an appropriate error message for the T-SQL input.

Given a T-SQL statement:

Select Title, Isbn From Books Order By Title

The following LINQ expression will be produced by Reversi:

// ctx is the name of a generated DataContext
ctx.Books.Select(x => new { x.Title, x.Isbn}).OrderBy(x => x.Title);

Core components of Reversi

The core components of Reversi are located in the Reversi.Core assembly under the same named namespace.
  • Lexer
  • Parser
  • Translator

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