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Vision Statement

“To provide a SQL to LINQ translator that will help the development community to adopt the new expression language using a user friendly integrated tool."


"The new release of Visual Studio (codename Orcas) includes a new technology called LINQ. This technology allows using a expressions language to query different providers in order to reduce the gap between query languages and programming languages.

The product includes several LINQ providers, one of those ones is LINQ to SQL, this provides a gateway to query SQL server using LINQ expressions.

As the product is in beta stage certain features can differ on the final release."

Driving Factors

"The team is foreseen that there will be a learning curve to transit from SQL to LINQ, as the query language differs from the original one. We have identified that a tool to translate SQL to LINQ will help to reduce the learning curve and increase the adoption of the new technology.

Integrating the tool on Visual Studio will help spreading the use of the translator and the popularity of the tool. A key area for the tool will be the ability to translate complex queries into human readable code. "

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